Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed in three words, Relate, Motivate, Appreciate.



Our approach starts with the clients passions, loves, and pursuits during their life. We want to get to know your mom, dad, wife, husband, sister, brother, or friend. We want to appreciate their passions and cultivate them in a safe and secure environment. We believe life is about joy, fun, and love. We want to create a space to enable the individual to express themselves freely.


From relate, we motivate. By this we mean, we encourage growth and expansion whether it be nutritional, educational, physical, social, or spiritual. Motivation is by no means a one size fits all, nor is there a destination in mind other than joy and happiness. We work in small steps to motivate your loved ones in believing this simple yet everlasting truth: Life’s obstacles don’t have to get in the way of continuing to experience life in a fun, fresh and invigorating way. Our extensive community here in the Roaring Fork Valley gives us the ability to offer an ever-growing list of activities, allowing us to spread the joy of experiences with your loved ones. Our care and commitment combined with our ability to encourage, allows us to connect and create the quality of life your loved ones truly deserve.

Take it from one of our clients

Before I met David, and the team at Aspen Compassion I had not left my house in Two years. I was scared to go outside and my daughter did not know how to encourage me to go out and meet people. I felt trapped, isolated, and alone. As I got to know and trust the people, I started going for walks because I knew there was someone that could take me home at any moment I felt uncomfortable. I went out on a few activity days and was nervous to meet new people. David walked me through the whole experience, confronted me, and encouraged me. He never gave up on me, and I never felt bad if I felt like I had to leave early. Everyone was so kind, understanding, and loving. It took me awhile, but they never gave up. Now I am at every activity day and sometimes I even teach art to my friends that come on the activity days. I have friends now that call me, and invite me to dinner and social settings. Two years ago, I never would have imagined the life I have now, and am so grateful for David his amazing team of Angels. - J

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A kind soul and an attentive ear are the cornerstone of our approach. We want to focus on specifics when it comes to appreciation. A flower arrangement deserves a photo, a walk around the block deserves a glass of iced tea, and social interaction deserves some quiet time. The approach to appreciation has to be individualized. From the first stage of our approach where we relate to the individual, we begin to show each individual how they are uniquely valued. We take the time to know how the your loved ones receive love, and find ways to provide those signs of love authentically, Every time we appreciate a job well done, the little voice that tells us we can’t do something gets softer and softer. We want to nurture the internal voice that says, “I believe I can.”

Appreciation can come in many forms, and is never forgotten. Validating someones emotions as real can be the key to their heart. We want to take steps to ensure a happy and comfortable experience for your loved ones to cherish forever.