The Social Route

The social route is a unique blend of care for seniors where we engage in activities that encourage interpersonal relationships and heathy relationships with those in the community around us. We offer this level of care to your loved ones to not only connect with others but with their own sense of self.

Aging can be extremely rewarding for your loved one, but can also limit their social opportunities. Our goal is help facilitate social interactions, events, and assistance with the activities of daily living, specifically designed to stimulate and enhance vitality. 

Seniors who maintain an active and independent lifestyle gain benefits that boost their physical health, emotional well-being and their ability to remain independent for longer.

We offer a variety of outings and provide various ways of fostering relationships within our community. These different activities allow for our clients, caregivers, and volunteers to connect with the beautiful world we live in. We want seniors to not just maintain, but thrive and have a quality of life they deserve. All events, outings, and social interactions are supervised with a 1:1 ratio to ensure the safety and comfort of every client.

All activities must be pre-approved by the care coordinator:


Our Social Route Professionals

We employ dedicated professionals who’s skill sets are catered to our specific services to meet the needs of your loved ones.

Social Interaction Activities

Seniors Yoga

Art therapy

Music therapy

Dance coordination

Tech services navigation

Sense Experiences

Water aerobics and strength training

Additional strength training exercises

Balance training


Carbondale Clay Experience

Art Collection Experiences

Museum Tours and Educational Experiences

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies Tour

Aspen Historical Society

Gondola Rides

Redstone Historic Tour

Ashcroft Ghost Town Tours

Sightseeing Fall Tour

Twin Lakes Boat Ride

Leadville Antiquing

Ruedi Picnics

Glenwood/Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Special Occasion Activities

Creating Christmas Cards

Homemade Presents

New Years Noisemakers

Easter Eggs

Mardi-Gras Masks

Valentines Day Cards

Picture Frame Building Memorial Day

Spring Bird House Making

Holiday Cookie Bake



We value your Circle of Trust.

“Not only has Aspen Compassion helped us with tools to help my father, but has become part of my father’s circle of trust. The team is so great when it comes to helping my father get out of the house, introducing him to a lovely social group of seniors.”

— R.H.

It’s all about perspective!

“Aspen Compassion has been taking care of me since I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. They have provided the tools to help with this transition into blindness and learning how to navigate the world in a completely different way.”

— J.